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Employee Training

In May 2022, 4.3 million workers quit their jobs—and a new McKinsey report suggests that 40% of people in the workforce are still very unhappy with their jobs and looking for new opportunities.

Empower Your Workforce

Many companies struggle to understand and develop the talent they have. Keep your employees engaged and invested in the future of your business.

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Internal Talent

Develop internal talent today and plan for the future. With Coach Otto’s team, you can assess retention risks and identify skill gaps—so both your employees and your business are set up for success.

Redeploy talent and accelerate your staffing

Sometimes your best candidates are your current employees. Coach Otto surfaces employees for open roles based on their skills and experience. Identify redeployment opportunities and staff open roles faster.


We will show you how to grow, develop, retain, and redeploy internal talent, while helping employees realize their career goals.

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