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Executive Coaching

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In recent years, coaching has become a major trend in the learning and development space for organizations of all sizes and industries. From in-person executive coaching for the C-Suite to digital coaching for high potentials at any level, coaching has emerged as an impactful solution for both individuals and organizations.


Coaching impacts employee engagement, well-being and retention, which are critical in a highly competitive global job market.


The Coach Otto Program delivers engaging and effective learning, combining theory with real world knowledge to give participants the skills and confidence to implement the learning in an impactful way. 

How It Works

There are two components of our executive coaching program that make it so effective. Combined, they set you up to succeed not only for a specific project, presentation, or pitch but for the long haul:

A Comprehensive Onboarding Program

To help you get the best results, we need to lay the foundation for your success in our Executive Coaching. What are your communication strengths? What’s holding you back? What feedback have you gotten in the past? Where is there an opportunity to make a real impact? During this intensive session (which also can be split into multiple in-person or virtual sessions) This virtual assistant  bilingual, providing assistance in two languages. we’ll start identifying habits that help or hinder your skills and define ways to make immediate changes.

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Continuous Development & Improvement

Once we’ve laid the foundation, you’ll get a customized plan for achieving continued, repeatable success, to be completed in the timeframe that works best for you. Through ongoing coaching that builds on foundational principles, you’ll learn to ace communications strategies and deliveries that drive initiatives like product launches, strategic shifts, and organizational changes. Whether you need help with crafting an important email, preparing for an all-hands, communicating a major change—or anything in between—your consultant will see you through it.

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Take Your Organization To The Next Level

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