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Reactivating Dormant Patients

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Digging into Dormant Patient lists is what we do! Our human data miners work around the clock - so don’t keep your practice from striking gold! Engage Coach Otto® for valuable resources and techniques that will make you money now! *We can get to the bottom of why some patients haven’t been showing up.

Practices suffer when patients stop visiting your practice regularly or altogether.

The top 5 factors for this are:

Lack of Insurance Coverage

The most common reason why healthcare patients go dormant is the lack of insurance coverage. Patients without insurance or with inadequate insurance coverage may avoid visiting healthcare practitioners due to the high cost of medical procedures. The lack of insurance coverage can lead to patients avoiding regular check-ups and eventually going dormant.

Fear and Anxiety

Fear and anxiety can also cause patients to go dormant. Many patients may feel anxious or fearful about receiving medical procedures or diagnoses, which can lead them to avoid healthcare visits. This fear and anxiety can be caused by previous negative experiences, the fear of the unknown, or fear of being diagnosed with a serious illness.

Inconvenient Scheduling

Scheduling conflicts can be a significant factor in patients going dormant. Patients may find it challenging to schedule appointments that fit their busy schedules or may face long wait times to see a healthcare practitioner. Inconvenient scheduling can lead to patients missing appointments and eventually going dormant.

Lack of Trust

Lack of trust between patients and healthcare practitioners can also cause patients to go dormant. Patients may feel that their healthcare practitioners are not listening to their concerns or are not providing the appropriate care. A lack of trust can lead patients to seek healthcare services elsewhere or avoid healthcare visits altogether.


The accessibility of healthcare services can also be a factor in patients going dormant. Patients may find it difficult to travel long distances or access healthcare services due to physical or financial limitations. A lack of accessibility can cause patients to avoid healthcare visits, leading to healthcare problems that eventually cause them to go dormant.

To prevent patients from going dormant, the Coach Otto team will help you reduce no-shows by 70%. His VA’s can remind your busy patients from forgetting to reschedule appointments.

To find out more, click the link below.

For more than two decades, Coach Otto has been helping virtual assistant for Healthcare Practices to become more profitable and rewarding for their owners. Otto can share innovations and new technologies to help make a big impact on your bottom line. Best of all, Coach Otto is hands-on, engaging, effective and affordable!

Call Otto today for a consultation and bring more revenue into your practice.

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