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Doctors Are Interested

The Coach Otto's Virtual Assistants call inactives & recalls patients

At just $11 per hour, your office gains access to a dedicated, highly trained, and professional executive assistant. They handle all the heavy lifting on calls and callbacks to patients—confirming appointments, setting appointments, upselling procedures, and recommending certain services you might want to promote.

We think this is information that the Dentists & Doctors would definitely want to hear

Our EAs are Exceptional!

This is a SUPER EA – their sole focus is on making calls and following up. They're committed to reaching out to patients, no matter how many attempts it takes. In the U.S., it's rare for front or back office staff to have uninterrupted time to handle patients, walk-ins, and follow up with inactive or unresponsive patients.

And rest assured, we're not referring to a robot. We're talking about a well-compensated, content individual who works from home. Equipped with the latest tools and software, all verified and tested by Otto, including high-speed internet and Voice over IP connection. They even dial from your clinic's phone number, ensuring recognition by your patients and prospects.

In the words of one of our doctors, "My EA, Sharon, was exceptional! She essentially became the right arm of my office, seamlessly extending our practice. She brought in patients, even for routine cleanings. Her efforts consistently contribute to our bottom line, creating revenue streams that didn't exist before."

The Coach Otto's Virtual Assistants call inactives & recalls patients
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