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Our Secret Formula

Our EA’s are very special hand selected for your campaign.

We are experts at hiring executive assistants for dental practices to do the tedious calling, setting appointments, and following up with patients!

We have been working with dental practices for 30 Years with a focus on phone systems, patient customer service and practice operations.

The Coach Otto's Virtual Assistants call inactives & recalls patients

Coach Otto has developed a system that takes the best aspects of outsourcing patient follow up calls with an innovative method of executive assistant coaching!

How It Works

The Secret

Otto introduces an innovative approach that harnesses the power of highly trained and specialized executive assistants to seamlessly integrate into your office environment. By entrusting routine tasks to our tailored EAs, you and your team can devote more attention to patient care. Our secret formula, so to speak, is that our EA's are not ordinary EAs, they are specifically recruited, hired and trained for your unique medical office.They function as an extension of your practice, handling the arduous tasks of communication and patient follow-ups with precision and dedication.

The Coach Otto's Virtual Assistants call inactives & recalls patients

We Can Help!

Yet, our service extends further. Your EA, having undergone thorough vetting and training, possesses adeptness in utilizing your CRM system, such as Dentrix. When initiating calls, they do so from your established office number, ensuring familiarity and trust for patients. Moreover, they operate within your time zone and communicate fluently, devoid of any distracting accents, fostering seamless interaction.

Otto wants to provide a "Ringer," a well-trained pro, if you will, to help you bring back dormant patients, bring in new patients, add revenue streams and valuable services to your practice.

The Coach Otto's Virtual Assistants call inactives & recalls patients
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